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To my beloved group members,

We're still here!!  Sadly, we can only do as much as the real world allows us to do.  However, I do want to make it a point to check the messages here as often as possible.  If you had something that you submitted but it was expired, please resubmit it and I will try to review it again.  Thank you again!!!
Just wanted to say hugs to Nephanor, my coadmin, who is just such an amazing guy.  Offer him hugs if you can.
I just wanted to let you know that I haven't gone anywhere and neither has my co administrator.  Sadly, we all have to tend to the real world first.  I think there was some sort of a problem with the featured folder and we did something to try to resolve it but honestly, not sure if it's really fixed or not.  I can't guarantee I'll work on sorting the group out everyday and neither can my colleague but I just wanted to let everyone know we haven't abandoned you.
As a lot of you may have heard, I have a new project that I rereleased online.  It's a web site that exists to give writers and artists additional exposure for their work.  The site's name is Creative Writing Online and the URL is

If any of you can tell your friends about the site I would greatly appreciate it.  Below is one of the stardard promos I wrote.  Also, please feel free to submit your work to the site for review.  The email there is

Naturally, I'd love to see elves gain popularity on CWO

Here is the promo I wrote.  Feel free to post it on your DA pages:

Want free exposure for your writing?  Want to reach out to new readers?  If so, a new electronic publication is eagerly seeking contributors.  Creative Writing Online was originally put on the web ten years ago and at that time it reached thousands of readers worldwide.  Now, it is back online and wishes to offer exposure for writers of all subjects.  There is no fee to submit your work and all submissions are reviewed and at least given consideration for upcoming issues.  A blog at is even updated on a regular basis so writers and their fans can interact.  You can review the site by going to or

Submissions can be emailed to
I hope everyone is enjoying the summer as much as I am.  How is everyone?  Did we want a featured artist for summer?

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